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Balamb Garden After a scolding from Dr. Kadowaki and teacher Quistis, Miss Trepe will ask Squall to go with her to the fire cavern. First, return to Squall's desk and use the computer terminal. Viewing the tutorial nets you your first two guardian forces: Quezacotl and Shiva. Now, leave the classroom and explore the halls of Balamb Garden - with your new friends in tow. Be sure to get the starter pack of cards from the man on the second floor walkway, meet with Seifer & Co. in the cafeteria, and pick up the rare Occult Fan magazine from the front end of the second library bookcase. Once you've seen the sights, meet Quistis at the central gate and head to the fire cavern, northeast of garden.

Guardian Force: Quezacotl

Location: Balamb Garden, Squall's SeeD terminal

Attack: Thunder storm

Element: Thunder

Useful skills: Card command, card mod menu, mid mag-RF menu

Overview: The Aztec thunder god puts the smack down on water-based and

robotic foes, but his true power comes in card manipulation. Without his

techniques, you'll have trouble obtaining the rare cards and items you need to

thrive. In the game's early stages, mid mag-RF is invaluable.

Guardian Force: Shiva

Location: Balamb Garden, Squall's SeeD terminal

Attack: Diamond dust

Element: Ice

Useful skills: Doom command, Elem-Atk-J junction, Elem-Def-J junction

Overview: The Hindu god of destruction is apparently moonlighting as an icy snow queen. Her Elem-Atk and Elem-Def junctions give characters an edge against elemental enemies. Fire-based enemies shiver at the thought of her diamond dust attack, but everyone fears her countdown to death called "doom."

Thirty minutes should be more than enough time to complete the trial; most should have no trouble with just 20. Hurry along the path to the center of the cave, where you'll find Ifrit. Summon Shiva and cast any drawn blizzard spells to make quick work of him. It helps to have acquired Shiva's boost ability before the battle. Pick up the Ifrit guardian force and card, then hurry to the exit.

Guardian Force: Ifrit

Location: Fire cavern

Attack: Hell fire

Element: Fire

Useful skills: Str-J junction, Str+20/40% ability, mad rush command, ammo-RF menu

Overview: This demonic hell-beast is a physical powerhouse. His strength junctions and percent-ups beef up your blows, while his mad rush command instantly turns an ordinary party into a team of sped-up, protected, berserker killing machines. Ammo-RF becomes useful once Irvine joins your party - without this skill, you'll be shooting blanks.

After the cave of fire, return to your dormitory in Balamb Garden and change into your military outfit. Meet Quistis - and Zell - in the front lobby. Seifer will be assigned as your squad leader; proceed to the parking garage. Drive along the road to Balamb town. Enter the submarine and receive a briefing from Xu. After the stunning FMV entrance, your mission begins. Work your way to the central square; once Seifer asks you to look around, attack the enemies hiding in the northeast. Talk to Seifer while your party waits, then continue up the mountain; Seifer leaves your party, and Selphie joins it. At the top of the EMF tower, you'll face Biggs and Wedge; a quick guardian force summoning should eliminate the duo. Now comes the Elvoret - be certain to draw the siren guardian force and several uses of double magic before killing him! Your doubled spells and guardian forces should take him out just fine. Defeating Elvoret nets you the March issue of Weapons Monthly. You now have 30 minutes to return to the ship - but the X-ATM092 droid on your tail isn't going to make things any easier. You can't defeat him, you can't even hope to contain him - you can just run away like wussy SeeD recruits. Weaken him with lightning-based attacks, and when he falls to the ground, run away! Make it back to the beach, and Quistis will save your sorry hides.

Guardian Force: Siren

Location: Draw from Elvoret, boss of Dollet assault scenario

Attack: Silent voice

Element: Non-elemental with silence status effect

Useful skills: Treatment command, ST-Atk-J junction, move-find party

Overview: Siren's forte is in quickly silencing a large group of foes.

Treatment cures any status ailments and can be used even when your

character is silenced - invaluable for opponents that mute an entire party at once. ST-Def-J junctions are helpful, but ST-Atk-J is invaluable: junction a large number of any status spell in this slot, and most physical strikes will be accompanied by a free casting of that spell that almost always connects - even against powerful enemies and bosses. Move-find reveals invisible save and draw points - often the only place to find the greatest spells.

Back at Balamb town, Seifer and crew steal the car and drive back to the garden. Explore the town, play some cards, then head back to the garden. Meet with Cid, Quistis, and Xu in the lobby, then go right to meet with Seifer. An announcement directs you to the second-floor hallway. Talk to Zell and wait. After a brief ceremony, Cid pronounces you SeeD members. Talk to him again to receive the battle meter. From this point on, you can select the Test option from the tutorial menu. Soon, it will be evening in Squall's dormitory. Change into your ceremonial uniform (examine the bed), then talk to Selphie and head to the dance. After another stunning FMV sequence, Quistis meets you on the balcony and instructs you to meet her at the entrance to the training center. Change back into your regular outfit and depart. Quistis Wants to "Instruct" You Meet Quistis at the entrance and head toward the back room (near the save point). After an emotional rendezvous, return to the entrance. It's the girl Squall saw at the infirmary - and the monster Granaldo, who's out of control! Draw the powerful protect and shell spells, while keeping your hit-point levels high, then unleash a few rounds of guardian forces - piece of cake. Head back to your dormitory and go to sleep. The next morning, pick up the April issue of Weapons Magazine from your bedside table and head to the main gate. Talk to Cid to learn about your mission. Talk to him again to receive the magical lamp - using this item will bring you into battle with the Diablos guardian force. Go to the library with Zell in your party and talk to the pony-tailed girl in front of the bookcase - she has a crush on Zell. Stop by and visit her throughout the game! Head to the train depot in Balamb town, purchase a ticket, and board. Once the train starts moving, enter the cabin and talk to Zell. Receive Pet Pals Vol 1. A new adventure awaits...

Guardian Force: Diablos

Location: Use magical lamp, which you received from Cid. To easily defeat Diablos, use his own power against him; Draw out demi and cast it on him to inflict massive damage. Polish him off with a few well-timed guardian force summons.

Attack: Dark messenger

Element: Gravity-based attack

Useful skills: Darkside command, mug ability, enc-half and enc-none party

Overview: If Diablos appears to attack weakly, that's only because you're fighting weak enemies; his power is directly proportional to that of his foes. Darkside lets you sacrifice a tenth of a character's max hit points to deal a triply powerful blow; a worthy sacrifice to finish off a weakened opponent. Mug is vital for finding rare items necessary for weapons upgrades and Quistis' blue magic. Enc-half and enc-none eliminate the headaches of random encounters.

You find yourself in control of three strangers: Laguna, Ward, and Kiros. Laguna has Squall's junctions, magic, and statistics; Ward has Zell's; and Kiros has Selphie's. Head northeast through the burning fields and board the waiting truck. Once you reach Deling City, head right to the Galbadia Hotel. Head downstairs, be seated, and listen to the female pianist, Julia. Follow to her room (the concierge knows the way) for a brief interlude. Your party awakens and arrives at Timber station.

The Great Train Robbery

Once at Timber, a man asks you a question. Choose: "But the owls are still around," then head south and board the train. Win the Angelo card from Watts, then head to the back room and meet with Rinoa. Head back to the front cabin for your briefing. Don't worry if it looks complicated - the game automatically does most of the dirty work for you. Return to Rinoa's room to pick up Pet Pals Vol.2 from the bed (assign Angelo's skills from Rinoa's status screen). Talk to Watts to start the heist. Travel with Rinoa across the car rooftops. You must enter two sets of codes to deactivate the couplings. If the guards spot you, you must start over and will lose one SeeD rank; use R1 and L1 to look left and right and press up to jump to the roof when the guards approach. You have five minutes to input both sets of codes: three codes for the first batch, five codes for the second. Complete both sets successfully on the first try to advance one SeeD rank. Once back in the front cabin, make your preparations, then talk to Rinoa to visit the president. The president is a fake! He'll attack and turn into his true form, a monstrous zombie. Draw berserk and zombie from this second form. As an undead creature, he's weak against fire and holy attacks; cure spells and potions also cause damage! If you're looking for an easy out, use a phoenix down on him to kill him instantly. After the battle, form a new party and talk to Watts to leave the train. Head north from the depot to reach the pet shop - here, you can buy Pet Pals Vol. 3 and 4. Head south past the hotel to the guards and defeat them. Return to the train station, this time heading east (in front of the Galbadia sign). Enter the Timber Maniacs building - be sure to search the documents in the first room; the second pile on the right has the Girl Next Door magazine. After speaking with the Timber Maniacs crew, leave the building, head right for one screen, and go down the stairs to the pub. Talk to the drunken man and tell him about the cards to have him move. Leave through the back alley and climb to the top of the station. Marvel as the sorceress is introduced, and all hell breaks loose. Head to the house adjacent to the Timber Maniacs, talk to Quistis twice, and leave with a party of three. Talk to the soldier (Watts), then head right and talk to Zone. Continue right, cross the bridge, and head south to board the train. Talk to everyone on board (Zell last), and the train departs. Get off at the first stop, East Academy Station, and wander west into the forest valley...

Return to the Blue Laguna Follow the path, fighting soldiers, until you reach a three-way fork. Head down the middle path's ladder. When you come across the three hatches, examine the upper right corner of the middle hatch and tamper with it. Continue following the rocky path - first east, then north - until you come across a torpedo and a boulder. Examine the torpedo and choose the first option, sending the boulder to block the path. Head north along the staircase and continue north until you reach a save point. Go north through the pipe. After defeating the two waves of soldiers, the mission ends with an impromptu cliff-diving session. Once your party awakens, leave the forest and head northwest to Galbadia Garden. Make your way to the central hall. Get haste from the hidden draw point under the yellow light, then head north and take the stairs on the right. Once upstairs, enter the door on the south side of the hall. Talk to Zell, Quistis, Rinoa, and Selphie - in that order. Squall will exit in a huff. Return to the front entrance of Galbadia Garden. Talk to Rinoa; Martine will arrive and introduce Irvine Kinneas. Irvine leaves, harem in tow. Go to the train station northwest of the garden and board the train for Deling City. Once on board, talk to Selphie in her usual singing spot. Do Deling City with Derring Do Head up the escalator, then north to the first bus stop. When bus 08 arrives, talk to the conductor to board. Get off at Caraway's mansion. Talk to the nearly hidden guard on the right of the screen to learn about the tomb of the unknown king to receive a map. Explore the town before heading to the tomb. Deling City is a very large city, but the bus system makes navigation palatable. The tomb of the unknown king is at the northeast corner of the continent - either set out by foot or rent a car. The Rent-a-Car store (and city exit) is two screens west from the base of the escalator. Enter the tomb and go north one screen from the entrance to find an abandoned sword on the ground. Examine the sword to receive the code (it changes from game to game). The less adventurous can return to Deling City; those with cajones should continue into the tomb. You can navigate the entire tomb in a single pass if you always take right turns at every intersection - and remember, you can press Select at any time to view the tomb map. Head to the eastern-most room and fight Sacred. Solo, he's not tough at all. After taking him out, hit the northern-most room for the draw point and floodgate switch and the western-most room for a draw point and waterwheel switch. Continue turning right at every junction until you leave the tomb. Save, reenter, and head straight north to the center of the tomb. Now, you'll fight the brotherly duo of Sacred and Minotaur. As earth-based creatures, they're weak against wind-based attacks. Use siren or silence to quiet their regeneration attack, then hit them with your most powerful spells and guardian forces. Draw double to increase your offensive power and life in case a character dies. Keep your hit points high, as this duo can hit your entire party for a few hundred damage. Once you gain their alliance, leave the tomb and return to Deling City.

Guardian Force: Brothers

Location: Tomb of the unknown king

Attack: Brotherly love

Element: Earth

Useful skills: Defend command, cover ability, HP+20/40/80% and HP bonus' ability

Overview: Their team up attack trounces ground-dwelling foes but is useless against flying opponents. Defend nearly eliminates damage received, while cover lets a character valiantly protect a weaker ally from an enemy's blows. The hit points percentage increases can nearly double a character's hit points, while the hit point bonus gives the character junctioned to the brothers a hit-point lagniappe with each gained level.

Give the code to the soldier who sought it - first enter the 1s digit, then the 10s, then the 100s. Once inside, talk to Rinoa to meet with General Caraway. Follow Caraway through the streets of Deling City, eventually returning to his mansion. Once you gain control of Quistis, try to leave, and Rinoa will enter. Once you gain control of Squall and Irvine, follow Caraway. Back as Quistis, return to the mansion - and find yourself trapped! Guide Rinoa up the boxes, climbing with the examine button, to the building's roof. A long sequence with Edea unfolds. Back as Quistis, you can escape the room by taking a wine glass from the cabinet on the left and placing it in the hands of the statue. Head through the secret passageway to the sewers. Jump onto the waterwheel and head north; the parade begins, and you regain control of Irvine and Squall. Lead the two boys up Rinoa's route to reach the lizard-lion beasts, Iguion. Be certain to draw carbuncle from them! They are weak against earth and strong against fire, so summon the brothers and avoid Ifrit. Draw Esuna if a party member is petrified. Once the pair is defeated, examine the previous screen's hatch. Examine the sniper rifle to regain control of Quistis.

Guardian Force: Carbuncle

Location: Draw from Iguion at end of disc 1

Attack: Ruby light

Element: N/A

Useful skills: Vit+20/40% ability, auto-reflect ability, counter ability

Overview: Ruby light casts reflect on each party member - it's a great opening defense against fierce magic users. As a defensive guardian force, Carbunkle's strength is in increasing characters' constitution. His vitality percent increases can mean the difference between life and death. Auto-reflect is a double-edged sword - with a permanent bounce-back, you can't cast helpful magic on your character, either. Used properly, however, it's extremely helpful. Counter gives an attacked character a free counter-hit.

While navigating the sewers, you can open gates and jump onto waterwheels. Be sure to draw life from your battles with Creeps to prepare for the long road ahead. Continue north until you hit a cross junction, then head west. Continue west until you reach a corner junction, then head north until you see a second cross junction. Head east, jumping across the two waterwheels as you go. Then jump across two more waterwheels and head south until you reach the screen from which you entered the sewers. Head east until you see the Weapons Monthly. You can get it by returning to the sewers on a later disc - for now, go north to reach the save point and climb the ladder upwards. Climb up the ladder to the top floor, examine the window, and flip the switch.

The Grande Finale Your party for the final battle of disc 1 will be Squall, Rinoa, and Irvine, so outfit them properly when the game gives you the chance. After much hullabaloo, Squall finds himself face to face with Seifer. Keep yourself healed, and he shouldn't pose any sort of a challenge. Edea, on the other hand, is far more powerful: level-three magic spells, intense agility, and atrociously high hit points can cause great pain. Cast double on each of your party members, then shell everyone and use your most powerful guardian forces. Be aware that Edea may dispel your magic barrier. She'll fall, but not easily. For an easy win, have one character summon carbuncle every round. Sorceress Edea will devote all her energy to dispelling your reflect status. In fact, she'll be so busy dispelling that she'll never actually attack your party, letting the other two members clean house.


After the stunning character and story developments on the first disc, the second may seem like something of a letdown. But its slower pace (and familiar locations) are necessary to explain and elaborate upon the events of the first disc. The disc's pace picks up again halfway through and builds to a stunning finale. Some of the revelations near the end of the second disc may leave you reeling, but it all fits together in the end. This walk-through helps you get through the disc as easily (and quickly) as possible, while obtaining all the secrets, guardian forces, and rare cards that lie along your route. Winhill, Winhill, Spinning Around Resolution of the first disc's finale must wait - you're back with Laguna in the town of Winhill. Talk to the young Ellone, then head to the pub next door and talk to Kiros. Exit the pub and head south. Head right at the flower shop and draw point, then go down the slope, heading south. After the sequence at the southern tip of town, return straight north to the pub and talk with Raine. Go to your room (where you began the scenario) and examine the bed.


Have Zell talk to everyone and then speak with Rinoa. The game now alternates between the incarcerated party and the incarcerated Squall. After several of these cuts, Zell talks to Quistis and organizes a jailbreak. Lead him up the stairs to the eighth floor to recover your weapons. Be sure to draw new spells from Biggs and Wedge before dispatching them. Descend to the first floor to find Zell's combat king 001, then climb to the 13th floor. Win a card battle against the man on the tenth floor to upgrade your battle meter. On the top floor, open the door on the right to rescue Squall. Take Squall, Quistis, and Selphie to the bottom floor and open the door at the end of the hallway. Lead Zell downstairs until you're reunited. Lead Squall and Rinoa's party up to the 13th floor. Lead Irvine's party down to the third floor. A save point is on the sixth floor. When you regain control of Squall's party, talk to the Moombas, then leave by the stairs in the south. Continue until you reach the walkway. Fight the boss; lightning-based attacks work best against the robots. After defeating the trio, return and cross the walkway. Move Squall toward the green orb. Stop, or My Missile Base Will Shoot! After the cars stop, talk to Selphie, and she'll reveal her plan. Form Squall's party. Head west with Squall's party and board the train. Drive Selphie's party to the missile base in the southwest of the Galbadian continent. Enter the western bunker, examine the blue light on the west wall, and proceed through the left door. Continue past the guard at the security door and continue east until you get off the staircase. Head south, talk to the two soldiers, then return north and take the elevator. Talk to the soldiers at the missile loading dock, then return down the elevator and head south to speak with the two soldiers at the overhang once more. Head north, take the stairs, and return west to the security door. Talk to the guard and enter the room. Selphie will mash on the keyboard. After you leave, keep up your disguise by choosing, "Talk my way out," "We just got here," and "Must be your imagination." Return to the elevator and choose, "Play it cool," and "Help out." Move the missiles. Descend and examine the computer by the elevator; choose Target, Set Error Ratio (set it to maximum), and then Data Upload. Continue east, defeat the guards, and examine the computers. Head north and examine the computer to activate the self-destruct mechanism; 20 minutes should suffice. Return to the exit and fight the boss. This guy is tough - use Quezacotl and lightning-based attacks in conjunction with powerful guardian forces; if necessary, speed up your party with haste. When the soldiers start the countdown, make sure your hit points are full - the laser beam can take off nearly a thousand hit points from a single character. Victory garners the June issue of Weapons Monthly. Run around in circles... is there no escape? Something is amiss at Balamb Garden! Travel clockwise around the first floor perimeter, fully exploring each area and neutralizing the threats. Talk to the people you save to obtain items. You'll find a save point in your dormitory. Find Xu in the lobby and follow her to the second floor. Talk to her again and head to the third floor to meet with Cid. Talk to Cid three times and return to the elevator. When it jams, examine the controls, then examine the hatch in the floor. Climb down the ladder quickly, before the car starts moving again. Open the hatch and descend. Enemies here are weak against fire; if possible, junction fire magic to your Elem-Atk-J junction. Continue through the shaft until you reach the large wheel. Turn it, backtrack one room, and climb down the ladder and stairs. Head behind the column to begin a sequence; Squall must climb up the ladder alone. Examine the controls and climb back down the ladder. Examine the blinking green light tucked away in the southwest corner. Climb down, pull the lever, and fight the boss. Use Ifrit and fire-based attacks. Continue across the bridge and down the ladder. Examine the controls twice to activate the MD system. "ThE MaStEr... WiLl BE... VeRy... AnGrY" Head to the second floor north landing and enjoy the view. Return to the bridge. The next morning, go to the front lobby and take the elevator down. Talk to Master NORG and prepare to fight. The two side orbs cycle from blue to yellow to red; when they're red, they're dangerous! Hit them with a physical attack to regress the cycle. Destroy the central shell to expose NORG. Draw Leviathan, then hit him with everything you've got. He's particularly weak against wind, so cast aero and use powerful guardian forces, not neglecting to keep the side orbs in check. After defeating NORG, head to the infirmary and talk to Dr. Kadowaki and Cid. Head to the second floor north balcony and meet with the white SeeD. Go to the library and meet with Ellone.

Guardian Force: Leviathan

Location: Draw from NORG in basement of Balamb Garden

Attack: Tsunami

Element: Water

Useful skills: Recovery command, auto-potion ability

Overview: Learn the recovery skill immediately. This command refills a single character's hit points - or does 9,999 damage to an undead creature - it's absolutely invaluable. Auto-potion lets a character automatically use a potion when hit, lessening the cumulative damage. It's best used in combination with Alexander's med data ability.

Leave your dormitory the next morning. Cid makes an announcement and parks in the garden. Leave through the second floor north balcony. Make your way through the city, talking to townsfolk as you go, until you reach Mayor Dobe's house in the center of the amphitheater. Chat with him and his wife. Draw ultima from the secret draw point on the right side of their room, then exit the stadium and follow him to the east. Continue along the tracks until you reach the soldiers. Defeat the soldiers and fight the boss. Use Brothers, Leviathan, and Quezacotl to win. Talk to Rinoa. "Hey, Everybody, Let's Put on a Show!" Return to the garden and head to the stage in the quadrangle. Meet with Selphie, then meet with Cid. Now, it's time for a concert! Assign an instrument to each character. Each instrument has a preset part, and not all the instruments go with each other. Choose matching instruments for a more pleasant sonic experience! Sax, electric guitar, piano, and bass guitar form a jazzy version of Eyes on Me, while guitar, violin, flute, and tap form a snazzy folk tune. The folk tune dialogue is recommended. Choose wisely!

 Once the concert begins, change the camera angle and head left to the ledge. Examine the ledge to begin a dialogue with Rinoa. The next morning, head to the bridge and talk to Nida. If you like, you can now explore the world looking for secrets and optional Sidequests; all optional areas are detailed elsewhere in this guide. Talk to the two hotel staffs and the Galbadian soldier until Zell joins your party. Keep Zell in your party for the duration of this scenario. Enter the town and talk to Zell's mother. Talk to the soldiers in front of the hotel and the ones at the harbor in the back of the town. Don't miss the soldiers with the dog in the very back of the harbor! Return to Zell's house and speak with everyone in the dining room. Return to the harbor and talk to the dog. Follow the dog to the train station. Head to the hotel and get ready to fight. Against Raijin and the two guards, use non-Quezacotl guardian forces. Against the pair, draw out Pandemona from Fujin. Cast barrier and shell to protect your party and then use your most powerful non-Quezacotl guardian forces. Concentrate your attacks on Raijin, as he is the more dangerous of the duo. You'll get combat king 002 from the battle.

Guardian Force: Pandemona

Location: Draw from Fujin in Balamb Town

Attack: Tornado zone

Element: Wind

Useful skills: Spd-J junction, Spd+20/40% ability, absorb command, initiative ability

Overview: Pandemona's bizarre appearance harbors a strong, wind-based attack. Junction 100 adds haste to your speed statistic to rocket fuel a character. The speed percentage increases are also useful. The absorb command drains hit points from an opponent and adds it to your own life meter. Initiative guarantees a character's ATB bar is full at the start of a battle.

Head to Trabia Garden on the northeastern continent. Follow Selphie into the garden. Head northeast to the cemetery, then return to the fountain. The August issue of Weapons Monthly is hidden on the south side of the fountain screen. Head northwest to the barracks, then right to reach a damaged control room. Examine the computer to call up Selphie's data. Return to the cemetery. Return to the barracks and head west. Examine the missile to draw aura. On the basketball court, talk to everyone, and then try to leave. A flashback begins. Once you control the transparent Squall, head left, talk to the child, and then head north into the house. Head east and then north. Go down to the beach. Talk to everyone and return to the beach. Talk to everyone again, then talk to Rinoa and form a new party.

When Gardens Attack!

Galbadia Garden is on an island in the south; head northwest from Trabia Garden, wrapping around the world, to reach it. Leave the bridge, form a party, and head to the quad. Head to the stage area and talk to Zell and Rinoa. After Squall & Co return to the bridge, lead Zell's party west from the stage area. Now, head to the front gate and reform your party. Head for the classroom, defeat the soldiers, talk to the woman, and return to the bridge. Lead Squall to the second floor hallway and talk to the kid on the floor. After taking some hits from the soldier, choose, "Look around for another option" and "Press the button for the emergency exit." The easiest way to win the mini-game is to alternatively pound on the X and O keys. Also, try guarding his blows until a super punch becomes available - then let him have it! Pick up Rinoa, land, and run past the warring factions. Name Griever, your ring, and enter Galbadia Garden. Head right from the save point, then head right from the hallway. Climb the stairs to the second floor, talking with Raijin and Fujin. Head west on the second floor, then enter the room on the right. Talk to the cadet to get the first card key. Return to the save point and head left. Enter the left door and cross the ice, exiting through the door on the right. (The demonic hockey players here give tons of EXP and AP and can be defeated by a single Ifrit summon; we recommend you level-up for a bit.) Head through the door on the right and talk to the cadet for the second keycard. Leave the room and head south twice to reach the save point. Return to the staircase where you found Raijin and Fujin and climb to the third floor. Open the door; jump down, and cross the basketball court to the left exit. Head south until you reach Cerberus. Save in the southeast corner of the room before the battle! Immediately draw out triple and cast it on each party member. Now, use your strongest guardian forces, except for Quezacotl and Pandemona, and triple-cast your most powerful nonwind, nonlightning spells. Haste yourselves and heal your party consistently via the regen and cure spells.

Guardian Force: Cerberus

Location: Defeat Cerberus in the Galbadia Garden lobby

Attack: Counter rockets

Element: N/A

Useful skills: ST-Def-Jx2/4 Junction, auto-haste ability, expendx2-1 ability

Overview: Summoning Cerberus casts double and triple on all party members, effectively tripling your party's attacking and defensive power. He should be your first move in any boss battle. Auto-haste gives one character a permanent nitro infusion, while ST-Def-Jx4 defends you from four separate status effects. Expendx2-1 lets you cast a spell two times for the price of one.

Once you've defeated Cerberus, head west from the lobby and enter the door on the left of the hallway. Talk to the girl to get the third key card. Return to the lobby, head north, and take the stairs on the right. Head west and take the elevator. Seifer's back, and he's far less of a pushover. Draw haste to speed up your party and protect Squall, as Seifer has a tendency to single him out for attack. Summon powerful guardian forces, and he'll fall soon enough. Head east to the large lecture hall for the climactic battle. At first, you can only fight Seifer - but he's weakened now and easier than ever to take out. Once he's out of the way, Edea takes the forefront. Draw Alexander and summon Cerberus. Cast shell, regen, and haste on all three members. If Edea casts reflect on herself, dispel it. Siren's treatment command comes in handy if she starts silencing party members. Draw demi and cast it on her to inflict massive damage. Aura-driven limit breaks and your best guardian forces are also very effective. Defeat Edea to complete the disc.

Guardian Force: Alexander

Location: Draw from Edea at the end of disc 2

Attack: Holy judgement

Element: Holy

Useful skills: Revive command, Elem-Defx4 ability, med data ability, high mag-RF menu

Overview: Alexander is the master of recovery. His revive command works just like a phoenix down, restoring a deceased character to life. High mag-RF helps you create those difficult-to-obtain, high-level spells. Med data doubles the effects of any medicine; a hi-potion, for example, would restore 2,000 hit points instead of just 1,000. Elem-Defx4 can make a character obscenely fortified. How does immunity to fire, ice, lightning, and water attacks sound? Thought so.


The third disc changes the purpose and nature of your entire quest. Bam! The disc itself is short, but this is the absolute best place to complete the game's Sidequests. Be sure to obtain all the guardian forces and complete all the Sidequests you want before ending the disc. It is also strongly recommended that you bulk up your card collection and complete the card club event in Balamb Garden. Also take time out to obtain Squall's best weapon, the lionheart. Upgrading other weapons is strongly recommended, but not as crucial as upgrading the lionheart. The game has a lot of depth and even more secrets, so use disc 3 to stop and smell the roses. Make your party the best it can be before continuing on to the final disc.

The Truth Revealed

Head to Edea's house and find her by the shore. Pay attention to all she has to say. Return to Balamb Garden. Pick up the July issue of Weapons Monthly at the training center - search the ground near the piles of material in the western room. Now, head to the infirmary, choose your party, and return to Laguna's world... I Used to be in Pictures When journalism doesn't pay the bills, Mr. Loire turns to the silver screen. During the dragon dueling mini-game, defend when it rears up to strike and lash out with a quick attack when there's an opening. Make certain your party is properly equipped before you enter the battle! The ruby dragon is weak against Shiva (ice) and Alexander (holy), but strong against Pandemona (wind) and Ifrit (fire). White SeeD and White Snow Return to Edea's house and speak with her. Ellone's ship is alcoved in the C-shaped island just north and east of Edea's house. Find Zone upstairs and talk to him until he asks for the Girl Next Door magazine; trade it for the Shiva card. Head downstairs into the main cabin, draw holy, and talk to the white SeeD leader. Back at the garden, head to the infirmary and talk to Rinoa. Walk until Squall stops, then talk to Rinoa and continue walking. Talk to your friends, reform your party, and continue along the railroad tracks. Exit the tracks and enter the snowfield to the east. Climb the skeleton and head east. Draw meteor from the hidden draw point and continue north across the bone bridge. Jump down and head north to the chasm. Head east to save and then head west to meet the boss. The boss is an undead creature, so cure spells and Leviathan's recovery command will kill him almost instantly. Stock curaga and flare, drawing Esuna as necessary to cure status ailments. Examine the flickering cliff face to find a mysterious passageway. Ride the elevator. Talk to the guard by the elevator on the right, then to the guard by the door on the left. Talk to the Moomba, to the man by the console, and to the Moomba once again. Once Kiros and Ward join you, outfit them with guardian forces. Take the elevator and sneak up the eastern staircase. Talk to the man outside, then return into the building. Get the Weapons Monthly first issue in the southwest corner of the room. Take the elevator down and fight the soldiers. Leave the building and enter the car. In the new building, examine the cylindrical elevator in the middle of the room. Head north and defeat the guard. Examine the console in front of where the guard was standing, then return downstairs and head north to find Ellone. Estharry, Starry Night After meeting with Dr. Odine in the presidential palace, leave his room and head east. Take the elevator to reach the main city of Esthar. The city is enormous, and it's easy to get lost. The best way to visualize it is as two Greek Theta symbols θ. placed side-by-side and connected by a network of pathways. Explore the city and be sure to go shopping! Exit through the gate to the south. This area's enemy encounter rate is extraordinarily high, so use Diablo's enc-none ability or rent a car. Head to Tears' Point in the southeast corner of the continent and get the Solomon ring from the base of the statue. Head north to the lunar gate. Enter the lunar gate and follow the woman to the elevator. Choose to enter space, select your third party member, and board the lift. Back on the ground, lead Zell's party back to Esthar. Take the lift to Odine's laboratory. Go upstairs and talk to Odine. After his briefing, leave the center. Head east until you reach the central gate where you exited the city. Head north (the path is partially obscured), then head west. Press the square button to ensure that your location matches the first target. Wait here until the 15:00 mark, then board the Pandora. Inside the Pandora, climb the stairs to the three elevators. Descend the 01 elevator and continue north along the path until you meet the robot and are expelled.

Space, the Final Frontier

Talk to the crew and pick Rinoa up from the off-screen foreground. Follow the crew. Win the Alexander card from Piet. Head through the north door and place Rinoa into the chamber. Leave, enter the hallway and head north to the bridge. Examine the monitor, then leave and climb the south stairs. Talk to the stargazing women. Continue south to find Ellone. Win the Laguna card from her. Talk to her and return to Rinoa's room. Talk to Rinoa in the hallway and follow her to the bridge. Talk to her on the bridge and examine the console. Head up the stairs to the locker room on the east side of the hallway. Watch Rinoa leave through the airlock, then don a spacesuit from the locker and follow. Follow Rinoa until the airlock door closes, then return to the bridge. Talk to Piet, talk to Ellone, and head right to the escape pod. Talk to Ellone. The ensuing mini-game is from a first-person perspective. Position the character in the center of the screen and press X to engage your thrusters.

Catch Rinoa.

Aliens have infested the Ragnarok. To ensure they stay dead, kill them in similarly colored pairs. If you move quickly enough through the rooms, you can avoid battles with the incorrect monsters. A save point can be found down the first staircase, through a small door on the right side of the back wall. Once all the pairs are dead (this can be a pain, but persevere), take the elevator to the bridge. After a long musical number, the Ragnarok lands, and Rinoa leaves. Reboard the Ragnarok and head to the computer room; talk to everyone, and Selphie starts piloting. Be sure to take advantage of Ragnarok's autopilot function? Select a location on the large world map to find yourself instantly whisked toward your destination. Throw that compass away and let space-age technology do the driving!

Saving Rinoa

Pilot Ragnarok to the Esthar Sorceress Memorial. Enter the memorial and talk to the scientists. Head west to free Rinoa. Leave the building and head to Edea's house. Follow Angelo west to the field and talk with Rinoa. Leave the house, speak with Edea, and head to Esthar. Once in Esthar, head north 'til you reach the broken lifter, then west to the presidential palace. Take the elevator and head west to reach the president. Speak to him and hear everything he has to say - be sure to ask him how he got there! Before entering the Lunatic Pandora, you may wish to complete some of the many available Sidequests. Be sure to complete all desired Sidequests before entering the Lunatic Pandora. Fly the Ragnarok to the Lunatic Pandora now hovering over Tears' Point. You'll immediately fight Raijin and Fujin. Draw full-life from the pair and then deal with them as you did before - only this time, Bahamut is useful as a nonelemental guardian force, while Doomtrain can afflict them with a variety of status ailments. After defeating the duo, head north and hang a left. Talk to Biggs and Wedge, then enter the tunnel on the left. After leaving the 02 elevator, take the 01 elevator and follow the path to where you were previously ejected. This time, you fight. Have thundraga junctioned to your attacks and summon Quezacotl. Cerberus is a must, as his attacks can reduce your entire party to a single hit point apiece, and you must heal quickly. Continue past him to reach Seifer. Draw aura repeatedly; this is your only chance to stock up on this invaluable spell. When you get tired of stockpiling, cast aura on yourself and make mincemeat of the poor boy. End disc 3.

Guardian Force: Gilgamesh

Location: Obtain Odin; defeat Seifer at the end of disc 3

Attack: Zantetsuken/Masamune/Excalibur/Excalipur

Element: N/A

Useful skills: N/A

Overview: Gilgamesh helps your party in a manner similar to Odin - only Gilgy has four attacks he can unleash. Zantetsuken is Odin's instant death move, while Masamune and Excalibur both hit all foes for significant damage. Excalipur is a joke attack that barely damages opponents.


This is it: the final confrontation. Most of disc IV is dedicated to the last dungeon and the cinematic ending, but there's still secrets to be found. Return to Ragnarok if you so desire, but you'll find that many of the towns and dungeons are now permanently sealed off. Hopefully, you properly prepared your party on disc 3 and are now ready for the climactic conflict. Good luck!


Form a new party and head south from where you fought Seifer. Climb the first ladder, the pinion, and continue right along the ledge to the right to meet Adel. Most of your guardian forces and powerful spells are right out as you can't risk damaging Rinoa. Use physical attacks and targeted spells to damage Adel; toss Rinoa a cure spell from time to time. The first save point is real, but the rest are fakes. You'll now fight a long, continuous battle against a number of witches. The decoy witches have only a few thousand hit points apiece. The final form - you'll know it when you reach it - poses a slightly greater challenge. She can hit party members for slightly more than 1,000 hit points in damage, so don't let your hit points drop. When her countdown starts, either kill her quickly or shell and cure your party - an ultima blast is on the way.

Return to Ragnarok

Enter the door closest to the castle and arrive in a forest. Head to the northwest of the forest to receive a free chocobo. Ride the chocobo south along the shallow shores of Esthar until you reach the Centra continent. The Ragnarok can be found in the deserts just west of Cactaur Island (it will show up on your world map as a red dot.) Enter the gateway near the ship to return to the castle. Returning to Ragnarok gives you more than just increased mobility. Card club members will find that their card club brethren have come along for the ride. Moreover, the card club is now packing even rare, one-of-a-kind cards found only under special conditions on previous discs. Complete your collection! The entrance to the castle is on the beach: climb the chain to the entrance. Ultimecia has used her great power to seal off your various abilities, and you must earn them back, one at a time. While this walk-through is written from the perspective of a single run-through, it is strongly recommended that you save your game outside the castle after each victory. Junction powerful magic to your strength and make sure your party is fully healed. The first boss, Sphinxara, is waiting in the middle of the main hall. Continually attack him and unlock the magic command. Head up the stairs to the right, then continue right through the door. Head down the stairs and north to reach the art gallery. Examine all the paintings on the first- and second-floor walls before examining the large painting on the first floor west wall. Enter the names that contain the roman numerals at which the floor clock's hands are pointing: VIVIDARIUM, INTERVIGILIUM, and VIATOR. Trauma is weak against air attacks, so cast tornado if you have it.

Unlock the draw command.

Continue north through the first floor of the gallery and descend the stairs to the basement armory. Enter the door on the left, take the prison key, and fight the boss. Red Giant's defense is extraordinarily high, so gravity-based attacks are your only hope. Draw demi and cast it against him. Unlock the guardian force command. Return to the main hall and head through the north door. Walk across the chandelier, and it will fall. Open the battered hatch and enter the basement. Junction firaga to your attack and thunderga to your defense. With the proper junctions, this guy isn't remotely challenging. Unlock the resurrection ability. Leave the cellar and head north. Continue north past the fountain and up the stairs to the right of the organ. Cross the bridge until the key falls. Backtrack to the room with the bent hatch and head west to reach the main hall. Continue east across the great hall and through the art gallery, returning to the basement armory. Find the armory key in the river and unlock the door on the east side of the basement. Gargantua is weak against holy attacks. Unlock the limit break ability. Now, you'll need two simultaneous parties: a fully equipped real party for fighting and a dummy party for flipping switches. The dummy party just needs Diablos and his enc-none ability. Lead the dummy party up the stairs of the main hall and through the door on the left. Continue along the path until you reach the elevator's green party exchange circle. Lead the real party up the left staircase above the armory and walk west to the second elevator. (If the elevator doesn't move, you must return to the gallery and examine all the paintings.) Take the dummy party west to find the floodgate key; then, have it head to the basement armory. Examine the handle to the right of the prison door to drain the water. Return to the fountain on the west side just before the organ and take the floodgate key. Head south to the party exchange circle and switch back to the real party. Take the real party south from the elevator room. In the hallway with the flickering light, open the obscured door on the left. All four coffins must be open to fight the boss. If the chests are labeled 1 to 4 from left to right, examine them in this order: 3, 1, 4, 2. Catoblepas is weak against earth and water and can absorb lightning. Keep thundraga as your elem-def and summon the brothers, Shiva, and Leviathan. Unlock command abilities. Travel back to the main hall and take the north door. Have your dummy party throw the switch in the room underneath the chandelier - the room with the bent hatch - by standing in the party exchange circle. Cross the chandelier. The boss can dish out massive damage, so Leviathan's recovery command is very helpful. Be prepared for an ultima blast just before he dies.

Unlock the item command.

Return to the room with the organ. Climb the stairs on the right, cross the bridge, and enter the door on the left. Climb the tower until you reach the giant pendulum. Jump on it and swing across the gap to meet the Tiamat. Summon Cerberus and cast shell and regen on everyone immediately - undefended, dark flare can do upward of 7,500 hit points of damage! Use triple flare, meteor, and ultima and cast aura on Squall and Irvine. Unlock the save ability. Continue along the spiral path, traversing the clock hands and descending the ladders. Save your game at the final save point and open the door. The battle begins with an unpleasant surprise: your party is randomly selected. You could try to evenly distribute your guardian forces and spells ... but come on! This is the last boss, and you want to be your absolute fighting best. Outfit three characters for the final Armageddon. If one of the other three is unfortunate enough to show up, take him out yourself. Another, more suitable character should be taking his place almost immediately. The first form can be easily dispatched by a well-placed aura blast from Squall. Take advantage of its relative easiness to get your desired party ready to fight. Summon Cerberus and regen and shell your entire party. The second form is where things start heating up. Ultimecia can nullify all uses of a character's spell, so distribute important spells between two or more members. Triple-cast your most powerful attack spells and use all guardian forces except for the brothers, Doomtrain, and Diablos. Cast aura wantonly and indiscriminately. The second form casts shockwave phasor upon death, damaging each character for more than 6,000 hit points. Be prepared; the third form can hit your entire party for 2,000 to 3,000 hit points at a time, so triple curaga is a must. Continue using powerful spells and aura. The final form has the most powerful attack of all: hell's judgment. This deathly blast will send every character's energy plummeting to a miserable one hit point. Use Leviathan's recovery and curaga to stay afloat. Triple-casted magic and aura are again the order of the day. When the form uses draw apocalypse on itself, that's your clue to do two things. First, get your hit points at the max and your shells ready because 7,000 hit points of hurt are coming your way. Second, your party can now temporarily draw and stock the secret apocalypse spell itself! Triple apocalypse will teach Ultimecia a world of hurt. After a long and arduous battle, victory will be yours. Enjoy the stunning FMV conclusion.

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