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Ancient Forest - To gain access to the Ancient Forest on disk 3 yo you need the Airship. Fly around until you see the Flying Weapon and ram it with your ship. You will then fight it, but it will run away. If you keep following it and attacking it will finally try to destroy Cosmo Cannon. Ram it again and destroy it. After you had done that you wil recieve Cloud's Ultimate weapon

Breed a Golden Chocobo- Take your airship to the northern continent and land near the green house. Walk around the green patches for a while until you fight a red dragon. Kill it over and over until you have at least 3 Carob Nuts. Then travel east to the islands. Land near the Forest and kill a lot of Goblins until you have atleast 1 Zeio nut. Then mate 1 male and female jogging chocobo using the Carob nut at the Farm. You should have a blue or green baby. Then mate 1 walking male and 1 jogging female with a Carob nut. You should then have a blue or green baby. Make sure you have 1 male blue or green and 1 female blue or green chocobo. Feed them a lot of food, then go race them at the golden saucer. When they reach class A stop racing them. Then mate the green and blue A-class chocobos using the Carob nut. You should then have the black Chocobo, if not try mating with the Zeio nut.Next, land near the chocobo tracks in the northern continent and find 1 running chocobo that has its head down that is the opposite sex as your black chocobo. Feed them a lot of food then race them till they are class A. Mate the newly A class chocobos with the Zeio nut and then you should have the golden chocobo

Chocobo Racing- While racing the chocobos, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 to increase your speed. To increase your speed. To increase their stamina, hold R1 + R2.

Convert Gil to GP in the Golden Saucer Find a man hidden in the top left part of the room, he is very hard to see but when you find him, he will ask you if you will trade Gil for GP


Have W-Item materia first. In battle, select the character with W-Item. first choose the thing you want to dupe (it has to be usable in battle). Then choose something else, but DON'T HIT [OK] AND USE THE SECOND ITEM. Instead, hit [cancel] and you will see that the original item has increased by one. You can then just keep hitting [ok] then [cancel] and rapidly duplicate the item up to 99. 99 megaelixers is extremely handy to have when fighting emerald and ruby weapon. 99 elixers is good to have to give to the magic pots.

Lv. 4 Limit Attacks

Here's where to find the items that give you the characters Level 4 limits. Note that some of the characters don't have a Lv. 4 limit attack.

Cloud- Battle arena in the Golden Saucer. Trade in your battle points for items. It costs 32000 BP.

Barett- Battle arena in Golden Saucer. Trade in your battle points for it. It costs 64000 BP.

Aeris- On disc one (obviously, since she's dead on disc 2) when you get the car to get out of the desert prison, you can go back across the ocean on the big ship running between Costa del Sol and Junon (while in the car). While you're in the car, you can find a little cave, it's across a river that would be otherwise impassible. The little cave is in the mountains north of Ft. Condor, north of the forests where most people find Yuffie. A sleeping man is in there. When you've fought a number of battles that makes your number end in the same two numbers (277, 122, 188, etc.) then he'll give you a piece of mythril. Take this mythril across the ocean again to the weapons dealer south of the Gold Saucer. He'll let you take something out of either the large or small panels in his shop. Save before you come here, because I can't remember exactly which one. I believe the small one has Aeris' level 4 limit break "Great Gospel" which fully revives, restores, removes all statuses, and makes all your party invulnerable for the rest of the battle. Worthwhile in getting, trust me! (of course, she just bites the dust anyway, but TRUE Final Fantasy VII fans will get this)

Tifa- Her house in Nebliheim. Press the following buttons when you are playing the piano: X,S,T,C, X,S,T,T+L1,S+L1,X,S,T,X+L1,C,X,S,X

I believe you have to play this twice.

Cait-Sith- I don't think he has one.

Yuffie- In the five floored Asian Temple in her home town. It's also where you get Leviathan.

RedXIII- Open the safe in Nebilheim and the boss that you kill will give it to you.

Cid- Look in the sunken plane.

Vince- Go to the waterfall on the western continent. You must do this before the end of disc 2! It's surrounded by mountains. You need the sub (find a narrow passage in the north area) or a gold chocobo to get there. You will see a scene from Vince's past and then leave and go back when on disc 3 with Vince in your party and search to get it.

Special thanks to Toshi Haratomo ( for Yuffie, Vince and Cid level 4 limit.

Best Weapons

Cloud- Defeat the Flying Weapon (Ultima weapon} Barret- On the Disc 2 when you come to the Hojo Lab get Barret to the your party and on the ladder will appear the box (Missing Score) Tifa- When you come to the Midgar on the disc 2 go to the wall market and search in the terminal that was broken on the disc 1 (Premium Heart) Aeris- In the Temple of Ancients (Princes Guard) Red XIII- On the disc 3 come to the Cosmo Canyon with Red in your party (Limited Moon) Yuffi- In the crashed plane under watter in the small room in the left-upper corner there is the chest (Conformer) Cait Sith- On the disc 2 in the Shinra building (where was the training room, i don't remember the floor) (HP Shout) Vincent- On the disc 2 with the green or black or gold chocobo come to the cave on the central continent with Vincent in your party, there will be Lucrecia, talk to her. On the disc 3 come there again and there will be Vincent's 4th limit break and weapon (Death Penalty) Cid- On the disc 3 come to the Rocket Town and talk to man in the center of the town multiple times (Venus Gospel)

Hard to Get Materia Orbs


Ultima- Stop the train in Corel before it reaches the town and you will get Ultima.

Seal (Freeze, Break, Tornado and Flare)- Go to the chocobo farm and buy the most expensive food. Then go to the town in the SE corner of the map. You can still enter if it has been destroyed. Go find a White Chocobo. Press Circle as if you were talking to it. You will give him the food that you bought. He wil give you the orb out of gratitude.

Shield- In the area before the last boss, when you reach up with your party choose to go left. Then when you come to another choice, choose to go up. You will be in a marshy area. GO through the first screen . On the second screen, near the back, you should see a green orb. This is Shield. It protects from all physical attacks.

FullCure- This is in Cosmo Canyon. When you are well on to the second disc, go back there and go to the weapon shop. (If you noticed before, there was a door blocked off in the shop when you first go there) You can now go through that door and get the FullCure orb.

MasterMagic- This takes a long time to get. You have to have all Green orbs to begin with (1 of each). Then you have to build up at least 1 of every type of orb to master level. After that is done, go back to Cosmo Canyon to where the Huge Materias are. Go up to the green one and pick the first choice. If you have gotten all to master level, you will lose those ones (Don't worry, when you get an orb up to master level, you get another one of the same type) and get the Master Magic orb. It allows you to cast any spell besides call spells and tenki no waza. And this just takes on eorb. You can also use a spell on everything twice with this. If you pair this with a Zentaika (Magic all orb), you can cast spells on everyone seven times per battle. Pretty sweet, eh?

NOTE: If you need a good place to get AP points, scroll down to the section about The Best Place to Build Up.

Red- Leviathan- Take Yuffie back to her hometown (on the western island). Enter the temple. Talk to the guy inside and then go upstairs. You will have to fight a bunch of battles with Yuffie alone so make sure you have some good orbs equipped. If you win all five, you get Leviathan. If you haven't taken Yuffie back to her hometown yet, there will be another scenario before you can do this. I will explain it in this section in a few days. I don't remember exactly what happens so I need to play through it again. Then I will post some details about getting through that one.

Odin- Open the safe in Nebilheim. It's combo is :

36 right 10 left 59 right 97 right

You will have fight a boss after you open it which isn't extremely hard. After you win, you will get the item for Red's Level 4 limit, A key to open the locked door downstairs which houses Vince, and the Odin Orb. Alexander- This can be obtained in the area after you snowboard. Check the map once you get there. Your goal is in the Top right hand area. It looks like a couple bridges. It is actually a hot spring. Once you get there, get as close as you can to the water on the left and search. You will get some of the water. Check the map again. You now want to go to the cav that is in the central right area of the map. When you enter the cave, if it is not a small one room cave with a pperson in it, leave and go 5 screens up. You will then be at the right cave. Talk to the lady inside, kill her nad you will get Alexander. Chupon- Defeat the Weapon (see the best weapons section to find him. Look under Cloud's) and he will open up Frog Forest. Here, when you get to the third screen, go up a tree. Go up to the top branch and on to the next tree. Then, go as far right as you can to reach the last tree top and CHupon is there. Bahamut Zero (Third Bahamut) - When you have collected the Huge Materias and put them up in BugenHagen's house, search the blue one. If you have the first 2 Bahamuts, you will get this one. Knights of the Round- You need a Gold Chocobo to get this. For info on getting a Gold Chocobo, click on this Chocobo Breeding . After you get a Gold Chocobo, go to the NE corner of tthe world to the cave that is surrounded by mountains. It is not on the map so search carefully. Enter the cave and you will find Kinghts of the Round. This spells does 60000-130000 damage on all enemies! Master Summon- Same requirments as Master Magic except you have to reach master level on all red orbs. This takes the longest. Knights of the Round takes 500000 AP to get to master level. :( For Kinghts, you might want to equip the Apocalypse sword and go to The Best Place to Build Up.


WMagic- When you get to the point in the last area where you found Shield, continue through there and you will get to a place with a shiny blue place in the middle. Search there to get Command Counter (BLUE). WMagic is on the same screen, up on the ridge by the tree. It is hard to see. This is like X-magic. You can cast two spells a turn.

Master Command- Same requirements as Master Magic and Master Summon except all yellow orbs have to be master level. Go to BugenHagen's house to collect. This one takes a while too becasue of WMagic which takes 250000 AP to go up to master level. :(

Note: The three master orbs that I have listed are the only ones you can get. There is not one for Blue or Purple.

The Best Place To Build Up

In the last area, go to where you go Shield. In that area, there are Magic Jars. They come alone or in pairs. When beaten, you get 8000 EXP, 1000 AP and good gold. For two, double these figures. You usually get a top ether as well. Also, there are little red orbs that always come in a group of three. When beaten, they give 0 EXP, 2400 AP, and 90000 gold. That is for all three, not individual. Beware of the Master Tonberi though. If you aren't in a high level, these can be a pain. The are small blue things that wear robes and carry a lantern. (If you have played FF3, they look like Master Pugs) They have 44444 HP. If you choose to fight (you don't really get much) he only has one attack that seems to grow in power as you go up levels. In my game, at level 56 it does 5600 on Cloud, 3200 on Red and 1700 on Vince. On level 99, it does 9999 on Cloud, 8080 on Red, and 4500 on Vince. See what I mean by growin in power? Note that this only affects one person. My recommendation is that you run from these if you are below level 70. They don't give great EXP or AP but occasionally, they will leave a Megaelixer. I have 15 of them... This is by far the best place to raise character levels and Orb levels. Good if you are striving for one of those master orbs.

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