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Magnet Music
Navigating Magnet Music

Quick Start Guide
A simple How to Order guide to help you enjoy your shopping experience.

Searching Magnet Music
How to search for the item in our catalogue that you are after.

Listening to Audio
How to make use of our digital downloads.

Ordering and Payment

Using the Shopping Basket
We use a shopping trolley system to store your products until purchase.

Shipping Costs
Prices and shipping times.

Payment Information
Paying by Credit Card
The easiest way to pay online.

View Past/Current Orders
See how your order(s) are progressing.

Order Status Information
What the Order Status fields mean.

Return Policy
An item broken or not to your standards? See about a refund.

Your Account

Security and Privacy Policy
How we protect your details and your order.

Your Account
Creating an Account

Change your Account
Update your personal and shipping details.

Forgotten your password?
Send us an email and we will remind you!

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