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Magnet Music
Magnet Music Conditions of Access

Your Role In Safeguarding Your Personal Data And Account Information

You are responsible for keeping your online Password confidential. Failure to do so exposes you to the risks of fraud and loss. Magnet Music cannot be responsible for losses suffered by customers as a result of:

  • input errors or misuse of its Internet services;
  • negligent handling or sharing of Password;
  • leaving a computer unattended during an online session;
  • failure to immediately report known incidents of unauthorised account access.

We strongly recommend that you observe the following best privacy and security practices at all times:

1. Managing Your Username and Password

  • Your Username and Password identify you when you use our Internet services. If any of these becomes invalid or ceases to have effect, it is imperative that you inform us by calling the direct hotlines for the respective services.
  • Ensure that no one can see your Password when you log in to our system.
  • Ensure that you keep your Password confidential at all times and do not divulge them to anyone.
  • Do not allow anyone (without exception) to use your Username and Password, as you are responsible for all transactions undertaken with your Username and Password.
  • Do not base your Password on your username, personal telephone number, birth date or other personal information. Memorise your Password and do not record it anywhere. Change your Password regularly.
  • Do not use the same character more than twice for your Password.
  • Do not recycle your recently used Password. Change your Password IMMEDIATELY if you suspect that someone knows them.

Note: No staff of Magnet Music should ever ask you for your Password for whatsoever reasons.

2. Take Precautions Against Your Password Keystrokes Being Captured

Exercise the necessary precautions to protect your personal computer against viruses and other malicious programmes. Aside from damaging and/or destroying data, viruses and malicious programmes can capture your password keystrokes and other personal information and send them to another person without your consent.

Precautions that you can take include the following:

  • Do not download any software from a web site that is of doubtful origin.
  • Ensure that you install an effective anti-virus software and update it regularly.
  • Do not open any e-mail or attachment that is from a source unknown to you. When in doubt, delete such e-mail without opening it.

3. Remember To Log Out

Always remember to log out of your Internet session when you have completed your Internet transactions or even when you need to walk away from your computer for just a minute. Do not leave your computer unattended while Internet transactions are being processed.

4. Clear Your Browser's Cache

Default files on a computer, sometimes called 'cache' files, can retain images of data sent or received over the Internet, making them a potential target for a system intruder. Therefore, we strongly advise that you clear your browser's disk cache after each Internet session.

How To Clear Your Cache (Navigator 4.X)

  • Select 'Edit' from the Menu bar
  • Select 'Preferences'
  • Expand 'Advanced' to show 'Cache'
  • Select 'Cache'
  • Click the 'Clear Disk Cache' button and answer 'OK'
  • Click the 'Clear Memory Cache' button and answer 'OK'
  • Click 'OK' to exit the dialog box

How To Clear Your Cache (Internet Explorer 4.X/5)

  • Select 'View' from the Menu bar (if you are using IE 4.X)
  • Select 'Tools' from the Menu bar (if you are using IE 5)
  • Select 'Internet Options'
  • Select 'General' tab
  • Click the 'Delete Files' button under Temporary Internet Files and answer 'OK'
  • Click 'OK' to exit the dialog box

5. Avoid Sharing Personal Computers (PCs)

Avoid using shared PCs or public PCs such as those found in cyber cafes to perform Internet transactions. If there is a need to do so, kindly satisfy yourself thoroughly that the PCs are free from viruses and be sure to clear the browser's cache when you have completed your transactions.

6. Update Your Browsers

You should update your browsers and application software to support 128-bit SSL encryption or a higher encryption standard.

7. Account Benefits

  1. There are many benefits to creating an account with Magnet Music:
  2. Allows you to track your Magnet Music purchases online.
  3. Allows you to take advantage of features like Auto Sign In.
  4. Stores billing address for future orders.
  5. Gives you the option to receive e-mail on upcoming sales, promotions, and events.
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