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Kenny - He's got a nice homepage that's under construction, go visit him from time to time, he's workin' on it. But u can find him in the same irc channel as I am, as a matter of fact, his irc record is way higher than mine.......maybe cos he's a handsome lad :D.


Clearance - He's big (I mean he is playing centre in our basketball team) and I've known him for ages too, he hasn't got a page and he doesn't irc. U can ask him anything 'bout electronics; really, anything.....

Andy - Old friend of mine, kindda miss him when he's abroad. He's a handsome lad and someday some lucky lady would be his wife. He ain't into netting and I'll try to get him into it......he's more into games, he plays games on the internet.


Kelvin - This guy is the most innocent of us, my goodness......but he's no pushover (just his looks will kill) <chuckle chuckle>. I'll c if he knows what's internet....opps.

U can email me at,I welcome any suggest(s) that can improve my page :)

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